Prior to becoming a Real Estate Professional, I was a successful bankruptcy attorney, helping people regain control over their finances and make positive, lasting changes in their lives. It was seeing the difference in the lives of those families that lead me to Real Estate as a career. “Home” is such a vital part of who are.  Now, as a Realtor, I get the joy of helping people find their perfect home or transition to a new home. I also have the privilege to help train people who are entering the profession.  I love to teach!  Much of the state exam is law, and as an attorney, I bring a unique and valuable perspective. I understand that the pre-licensing class can sometimes be stressful and even a little confusing.  Don’t worry, I am here to help!  I work hard to make sure every student is given the keys to succeed. I look forward to meeting you in class!

Rebecca was a wonderful teacher. Her real life examples are what really helped me learn. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get their license! 
- Kyra M.
The class helped me understand things a little more. Doing it online I think would be harder and I think you guys did a good job teaching the material.
- Meredith D.
This was an awesome learning experience!
- Nadia M.
Rebecca was extremely knowledgeable and ran the class like a well-oiled machine. Thank you for all the help getting through the material!
- Travis E.
Rebecca is very knowledgeable, awesome and I admire her dedication and hard work.
- Kashmir M.
I really enjoyed this class. Rebecca Thomas did a great job explaining and clarifying questions brought up in class.
- Chris L.Type


 aBOUT YOUR tEACHER - Rebecca Thomas